Uninstall Firefox from your Computer

If you natural Firefox to the Trash or basically delete it from Applications, express relentless (organization) archives still remain on your hard drive. Regularly, they, generally, conceal in stores, logs, modules, compartments, and reports. Generally in Library envelope. With the help of this short article, you’ll know how to uninstall FireFox physically or with the help of uninstaller application.

How to Uninstall Firefox Manually

  • Clear Recent History and Caches. To do this, pick “History” → “Clear Recent History…”
Uninstall Firefox
  • After pick “everything”, and tick all checkboxes.
Uninstall Firefox
  • Legitimately after you can delete Firefox from the Applications envelope.

In spite of the way that you do everything highlighted above, not all records related to Firefox will be deleted. We attempted it on a couple of Macs: if you present Chrome and eradicate it rapidly – 39 Mb of unneeded data would remain in Library. That is the reason you ought to find and oust organization records from the “Library” envelope.

After you performed past advances, go to the Library envelope. You can use express Terminal headings or use a free application Funter that exhibits each and every disguised record and envelopes on Mac hard drive. Find and clear all of the coordinators and records related to Mozilla Firefox from the Library envelope.

Uninstall Firefox 2

By then essentially make sure to cleanse Trash to oust the Firefox report completely.

Uninstall Firefox using App Cleaner and Uninstaller

In case you have to absolutely uninstall Firefox, it’s extraordinarily improved to use an uncommon uninstaller, which channels the entire system normally and gives you an angle of every application. One of such applications is App Cleaner and Uninstaller. All you need to do to uninstall Firefox using App Cleaner is to look at your applications → select Firefox and snap to empty it. Application Cleaner and Uninstaller will oust the program absolutely, including all its organization records.

Uninstall Firefox 4

In case you removed Mozilla in an ordinary way and should need to find the rest of the records, by then you should change to the “Rest of the parts” tab. You will see all of the pieces and organization reports of formally cleared applications there.

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