Antivirus Support: 4 Features To Keep Your Family Save From Cyber Crime

Cyber crimes have already enveloped the bright future of many people and brimming businesses Antivirus Support. From cyberbullying, phishing attack and other identity theft crimes, the world has lost more than $500 billion in 2015 which is projected to cross the ever-high of $2 trillion in 2019. Antivirus Support

It is said, “In the Internet World, you can’t expect to run naive and expect not to get hurt. It’s brutal when left insecure. You are HACKED every time you put down your guards.”

This notion has made antivirus programs a need for the deed of protecting your family from cyber world villains. To vanish your pain, McAfee Family Protection edition is the best software to come in contact with.

To believe how tangible McAfee support is, check out the features it has to offer:

  • Website Filtering

Antivirus Support

When you have below 18 years children in your house, it’s important to keep them away from mentally disturbing elements running through the websites. With this filtering process, you can: Antivirus Support

  1. Block Pornography & Other Unwanted Websites

There are 35 types of websites which can be blocked while your children operate the Internet. This includes pornography, real-money gambling sites, violent and weapon selling sites. This Family version allows you to manage what your kids can access for their development.

  1. Set Search Engine On Safe Mode

The best way to monitor your younglings’ activities is by setting your Search Engine on Safe Mode that rules out accessing any site which is not appropriate for your child’s age. Also, you can set ‘Blacklist and Whitelist’.

  • Video Monitoring

Antivirus Support

It’s known that videos are the most impactful mode of media that could influence your kids for illegal to illicit activities. Mostly, Internet Protection programs block full websites like YouTube and other TV channels but with McAfee protection, you can set your video websites on particular monitoring setting where everything termed as harmful will be blocked from YouTube and TV websites like, and more. However, your children can happily access useful content like entertainment and educational videos. Antivirus Support

  • Time Control

time control

As parents, you might be struggling with your child’s rash behavior which could turn the relationship sour over time. This is one reason why some parents find it difficult to control their children’s time on the Internet. With this software, you get the freedom to take the lead by Antivirus Support

  1. Scheduling access time
  2. Limit time per day
  3. Weekday and weekend schedule
  • Social Networking Filter

Social Networking Filter

With a variety of social networking sites, children love to scroll down the news feed of their friends and followers which directly or indirectly impacts them. It’s known, children of age group 9-16 years are seriously prone to sexual content. Due to their curiosity and online bullies, many children have come to a tragic end. It’s also the major source of depression as it promotes the ‘body perfectionism’ on a whole new level. To avoid the exposure of such harassing content, you are enabled to:

  1. Block Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites
  2. Record posted content and sexually suggestive posts

The filters are not limited to these services as it doesn’t overlook even the minute cause of harm to your family. In any case, Antivirus Support is a great way to contact the experts and resolve any grievances any time.

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